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Approximate licence cost!

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My system prepares you for the UK-CAA EASA part 66 (JAR-66) B1 mechanical or B2 avionics exams. You can also use it for other EASA part 66 / JAR-66 exams. This should take from 6 to 18 month, and I charge 500 Euro for the complete exam preparation, including essay training. You can also use it for other Part 66 standard exams. Please read also my FAQ for latest info and prices!
As soon as I'll get payment confirmation, I'll open the respective modules on one of the training sites for you!

The entire licence costs of about 1000 to 1600 Euro, which is one of the cheapest ways to get your licence. The main chunks are the UK-CAA exam and licence charges (Pounds 44 per module x 13 or 14), which do not come at once for you. You will have your payments stretched over a period of about 10 to 18 month!
Here is a currency converter to see how much it is in other currencies!
My system guides you and provides you with on-line study aids so you can master the exams. See samples on www.easa-66.eu/en/CoachingEN

On my system you do not need books, you pay for the entire exam preparation about Euro 550 for trainings. If you still want books , you can buy the one or two books for modules 1,2,3,4,5 & 8 Aircraft Engineering Principles by Lloyd Dingle, Mike Tooley for modules 1,2,3,4 & 8 and Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems: Principles, Operation and Maintenance - for M5,11 &13 avionics from Amazon.
Here are more books for the EASA part 66 licence!

Module prices vary from 8 Euro (Greek CAA) (Pounds 7) per exam module to 85 Euro (Pounds 77 CAA-International) for different exam places. Multiplied by 14 exams makes a big difference! By choosing the exam place you can save up to 1000 Euro. Here is a currency converter!

Approximate costs to get a B1 or B2 licence in the USA/UAE/International/Canada is USD 2,500 or CAD 2,500 and it takes one year to get everything! In the UK it will cost you about Pounds 1,200. Those are costs over one year!
This is still one of the cheapest means to get the licence, compared to a course for USD 20,000 plus 6 month leave, plus accommodation!

Three month later you should apply for the exams, where you must pay Pounds 42 (UK-CAA) for each exam module you are taking (4 or 5 x 43). That is all for the first 3 to 5 month.
Then you study for the next exams, modules 6,7,9, 10 & essays and you prepare yourself for the second exam package including essays and 3 month later you must pay again Pounds 43 for each exam module you are taking. That is all for the next 3 to 5 month.

As you have already completed 2/3 of the package, the cost for the books and exams will be about the same as in the second package. For books we'll see what is new on the market when you are ready for that task. You can already check for books, sample questions and study guides on EASA part 66 / JAR-66 & Pilot Books . Additionally there are Brainstorm Files in the individual modules, where you are learning basics by heart.

When you have completed all 14 modules, you must pay Pounds 320 for the actual licence! Here you must also prove you work experience.
See Work experience documentation for the EASA part 66 licence!

The last step is to wait for your licensed engineers pay check!
Otmar Bender - easaman@EASA66.eu
EASA part 66 licence training by internet!
Training Site is: www.easa66.info
Modules cost Euro 20 to 70 depending on size and are available 180 - 200 days
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