EASA part 66 / JAR-66 HowToGet your Cat A - B1 & B2 licence

Links for the EASA part 66 licence & CAT-C!

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Links for the EASA part 66 licence!

Here is how to get an EASA part 66 CAT-C licence:
An engineer can go from B1 or B2 to C by experience. Or, via an approved university course. Experience in a civil aircraft maintenance environment would also be required.
Here is a UK-CAA detailed CAT-C information!

Category C applicants must either meet B1 or B2 knowledge level as per EC 2042/2003 appendix I .
Experience required is 3 or 5 years as a B1 or B2, depending on your personal background.

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EASA part 66 licence training by internet!
Training Site is: www.easa66.info
Modules cost Euro 20 to 70 depending on size and are available 180 - 200 days
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