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Books for EASA part 66 & Pilots

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Here are various Aviation Technical Books !
On my system http://www.EASA-66.eu/en & http://www.EASA66.com you actually do not need to buy books!
If you still want books, here are some books from Amazon.com, as those are the cheapest books, and delivery time is about the same!!!

EASA-66 On-Line Book Store with books written for the part 66 licence

Books for the EASA part 66 licence!
Books from

EASA part 66license & AMT US books

EASA part 66 licence UK books

EASA Teil 66 Lizenz Bücher Deutschland

EASA partie 66 licence livers France

Essential set of books for the EASA part 66 licence is here
Aircraft Engineering Principles by Lloyd Dingle, Mike Tooley - for modules 1,2,3,4 & 8
Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems: Principles, Operation and Maintenance
for M5,11 &13 avionics
Aircraft Communications and Navigation Systems
for Maintenance EASA/JAR avionics modules 11 & 13
Aircraft Electrical and Electronic Systems: Principles, Maintenance and Operation
Mike Tooley M3,4,5,11,13
Aircraft Certification: A Guide to Understanding JAA, EASA and FAA Legislation Standards - M10
Human Performance & Limitations in Aviation for M9
Aircraft: Basic Science with Student Study Guide - Michael Kroes, James Rardon
Applied Physics for Airplane Mechanics for M2
Physics for Today and Tomorrow for M2
Elementary Technical Mathematics for M1

Jeppesen A&P Powerplant Book
Jeppesen A&P General Book
Jeppesen A&P Airframe Book
Jeppesen - Electrical Systems for A&Ps

Alternate to the Jeppesen A& P books are the FAA or AMT-Series A& P Books!

New FAA A&P Books
Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook-Airframe: FAA-H-8083-31 Volume 1
Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook-Airframe: FAA-H-8083-31 Volume 2
Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook-Powerplant: FAA-H-8083-32 Vol1/Vol2
Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook-General: FAA-H-8083-30
AC - 43.13 1B/2B - Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices of Aircraft Inspection and Repair

Additional avionics Books:
Aircraft Electrical Systems by E H J Pallett
Automatic Flight Control - Including Helicopter A/P by E.H.J. Pallett, Shawn Coyle
Aircraft Instruments and Integrated Systems by E H J Pallet

Books by EASA part 66 modules

Info and Books for the FAA A&P license!

ASA AMT Test Guide Bundle 2018 - Airframe, Powerplant & General

Aviation Maintenance Technician Oral & Practical Exam Guide (Oral Exam Guide series) by Dale Crane

FAA Exam Test Guide 2018 General

FAA Exam Test Guide 2018 Powerplant

FAA Exam Test Guide 2018 Airframe

Aviation Maintenance Technician Oral and Practical Exam Guide

[b]Here are Pilot Training Books

Practical books for Trouble Shooting!
How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic Michael Geier

Otmar Bender - easaman@EASA66.eu
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Training Site is: www.easa66.info
Modules cost Euro 20 to 70 depending on size and are available 180 - 200 days
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