How to include another category to your licence

Get your licence restrictions removed!

Postby easaman » 08 Mar 2009 18:36

UK-CAA Info!!

I can tailor you an individual training plan for your restrictions to be removed.

You can find the modules at

B1 to a full B2 or B2 licence to B1.1

Restrictions 1 & 9 to be removed require Parts of Module 3, full module 4 & 5 on a B1 level , Module 7.7 and the electric and avionics part of module 11.

Detailed syllabus for Restrictions 1 and 9 to be removed!

Let me know what your licence limitations are and I'll make you an offer!
Otmar Bender -
EASA part 66 licence training by internet!
Training Site is:
Modules cost Euro 20 to 70 depending on size and are available 180 - 200 days
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