Here is an FAQ about the relationship of EASA part 66, JAR-66 and FAA A&P Licenses!

Here is what the CAT-A, B1, B2 and CAT-C licenses are used for!

This page shows how my EASA part 66 CAT-A, B1, B2 or B3 licence exam preparation works!

EASA does not recognise NON-EU Part-66, A&P or ICAO Type II etc. exams, nor their work experience! 
The same applies if you want to get an A&P license, there is no crossing over from other licenses!

The server has got Part 66 exam preparation and more for various exam places like:

Australia: CASA exam preparation & Where&HowToTakeExams
Hong Kong: CAD HKAR-66 A,B1,B2 & B3 exam preparation & Info
India:  CAR-66AML exam preparation & more for the DGCA
Malaysia: DCA AME exam
New Zeeland:
Part 66
Singapore: SAR-66 licence exam preparation
USA / Canada: EASA part 66 CAT-A, B1, B2 exams

Site CAT B1 & B2 is   
Site CAT-A is

Modules cost Euro 20 to Euro 70 depending on their size!

The system prepares self-study students ON-LINE for the EASA part 66 and equivalent B1,B2 and the CAT-A exam.
I also help students who study at other training institutions to improve their exam score.

The system has various servers for many differrent exam places!

Is it successful?  There are always a couple of 100% exam scores a year! Therefore you must study hard!
I have been preparing people for the JAR-66 / EASA part 66 exam since 2002!

You can take exams for the EASA part 66 /JAR66 at approved exam places whenever you feel ready for it.
It is not easy, this is why I have built an exam preparation site.

To take an exam you must include in the EASA Form 19E a copy of your passport stamped and signed by your
manager or quality control manager. You are getting an exam date (e.g. UK-CAA) and take exams until you have
gathered all 13/14 exam certificates.

You must apply for the licence when you have mastered all 13/14 exams, and prove sufficient work experience 
in a work experience log book within five years!

Modules of the EASA part 66 System:
M1 Mathematics   
M2 Physics   M3 Basic Electrics   M4 Basic Electronics   M5 Digital Techniques  

M6 Mat. & Hardware   M7 Maint. Practices   M8 Aerodynamics   M9 Human Factors     M10 Legislation

M12 Helicopters   M13 Airframe-Avionics   M14 Propulsion   M15 Turbine Engines

M16 Piston Engines   M17 Propellers

Exams you must pass to get the respective EASA part 66 licence CAT-A1 to A4, B1.1 to B1.4, B2!

Now ther is a modern exam Learning Management System moodle that prepares you for the exams!

Here are some study aids:
Synchros     Diodes    Maths    Avionics  Frequencies   Piston Engine    
A380 Cockpit Layout
& Explanation on     More videos!  

Modules you must study for the EASA part 66 CAT-A, B1, B2 and B3 licence!


Site CAT B1 & B2 is   
Site CAT-A is

Modules cost Euro 20 to Euro 70 depending on their size!

My system is in a way that you must make three exam trips to an official exam place, in case you are far away from an exam place.

Here is a quick run-down how to get your EASA part 66 licence.

EASA part 66 modules in englisch, deutsch & français can be purchased for Euro 20 to 70 by creating an account, confirming the accounts email (it goes sometimes in the spam-mail), logging in and clicking on the module you want. Paypal opens the module immediately! Modules will be open for 180 to 200 days!  If you purchase several modules they may be extended!

You must plan 3 exam trips to get the 13/14 modules done.  
If you live nearby an exam place you can take exams monthly or as you like it!
While you are studying you already collect work experience log signatures in a work log book.
Military aircraft maintenance work experience is also accepted!
When you have passed all exams, you must apply for the licence.
If you have already had some part 147 approved type trainings, you add them to your application!

You must take 13 B1.1 mechanical turbine engine licence modules, plus essays, which are modules 1 to 11, 15 & 17.
You must take 12 B2 avionics licence modules, plus essays, which are modules 1 to 10, 13 & 14.
You must take 12/13 Helicopter licence modules, plus essays, which are modules 1 to 10, 12,15 and /or 16.
You must take 13 B3 mechanical piston engine licence modules, plus essays, which are modules 1 to 11, 16 & 17.

CAT-C Licence info is here!

You can  take max 4 or 5 module exams per exam day!
To avoid double learning subjectsI recommend you to 
take modules 1 to 5 at the first exam or first 2 exams.
Take modules 6,7 and the 2 module 7 essays together.
Take module 10 (legislation) multiple choice and M10 essays together
Take module 9 (human factors) and M9 essays together!
Take aerodynamics, propellers and turbine engines and/or M11 together.

Have a look at my site for the different types of licences, the modules and their syllabus! 

Extension/Restrictions of your licence e.g. B1 to B2 or vice versa is here!

B1 to B2: For the prove of work experience use the 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Basic Practical Logbook and record the B2 tasks which are not B1.1.
Exam preparation B1 to B2

Module 4 Basic Electronics B2_Euro 40

Module 5 Digital Techniques B2_50

Module 7.4 El. Avionics Test Equipment - B2_Euro 20

Module 13 Airframe & Systems B2_Euro 70

B2 to B1.1: For the prove of work experience use the 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Basic Practical Logbook and record the B1.1 tasks which are not B2.
Exam preparation B2 to B1.1 

Module 2 Physics Euro 30   

Module 6 Aircraft Hardware_Euro 50   

Module 7 Maintenance Practices_Euro 60

Module 11a Airframe & Systems > 5700kg_Euro 70

Module 15 Turbine Engines_Euro 50

Module 17 Propellers_Euro 40

CAT-A to B1.1: For the prove of work experience use the 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Basic Practical Logbook and record the B1.1 tasks which are not CAT-A. 

You must take on a B1 level following exams: M1 to M8, M9, Parts of M10, M11,M15 & M1


A Computer printout of the work you have done is very helpful, just transfer the data to your logbook!

To take exams you do not have to present work experience. You can start taking exams as soon as you are prepared for!
Work experience must be presented when you have passed all 14 B1 or all 13 B2 exams and you are applying for the
licence,for instance at the UK-CAA. The assessor for your work-experience-log can be one of your licensed supervisors.
It is not necessary for him to have an EASA licence! If you currently do not have enough work experience,
you can get it within five years from your first exam on.

My system is an on-line exam preparation. You can start any time!My system prepares students with little background to fully licensed technicians from Non-EU countries.
The study time takes usually from 6 to 18 month, depending on the pace of studying and aviation background.   

See for more information here, for approximate costs over 12 to 18 month, 

 and for exam dates and places in your area! &   UK-CAA Licence Guide 

To become familiar with the licence, have a look at my Discussion Board. Please read below and let me know that you want to participate. 

For my system you actually do not need books. If you like to have books, good study books to start are

    Aircraft Engineering Principles by Lloyd Dingle, Mike Tooley   for modules 1,2,3,4 & 8
Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems: Principles, Operation and Maintenance - for M5,11 &13 avionics
You can order them directly from Amazon! For more see .
If you still want a set of books have a look here:  Amazon.US   -   Amazon.UK   -  Amazon.DE   -  Amazon.FR

An alternative are the New FAA A&P Books, they cover most of the EASA part 66 modules!
Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook-Airframe: FAA-H-8083-31 Volume 1
Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook-Airframe: FAA-H-8083-31 Volume 2
Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook-Powerplant: FAA-H-8083-32 Vol1/Vol2
Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook-General: FAA-H-8083-30
AC - 43.13 1B/2B - Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices of Aircraft Inspection and Repair

My system consists of guidance (e.g. which modules to take together, application problems, work experience etc. ),
exam questions
(over 10,000 to practice ), study aids and Brainstorm files with a lot of essentials to learn by heart!  Diodes  is an example.

To take an exam you need a copy of your passport with a stamp of your manager  or any authority for the exam application.

You apply on form 19E for your exams.
When you have mastered all 13/14 exams, you apply for the licence, where you must prove your work experience!
See Work Experience Log & Log info on my Discussion Board under the subject 
Work experience documentation for the EASA part 66 licence!
You can start gathering work experience signatures while you are studying for the licence. 
You must have applied for the licence within 5 years after having passed your first exam! 

Extension of your Licence!

B1.1 to a full B2 licence

B2 to a full B1.1 licence

Get your restrictions removed from your licence e.g. 1 & 9

Any more questions?

Do not hesitate to ask!

Otmar Bender